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Sierra & Fox is a property developer in Southeast Queensland with the mission to personalise and tailor developments to satisfy everyone involved, from property owners to investors, and the greater community. 

Each and every one of us has a unique background, story and personal values. All of these influence our decisions and reasons behind the paths we choose to take at different steps in life. 

We believe that truly understanding each other’s perspectives is key for collaboration, success and satisfaction. This is a principle we live by, especially since property can be a crucially important and influential part of people’s lives.

Our Background

Sierra & Fox was established in 2021 by husband and wife, Scott and Fernanda, after being enveloped in the property development space ever since their interest was piqued in 2018. 

We are based on the Gold Coast, specialising in small scale land subdivisions in most areas of South-East Qld. We’re members of various local and national property developer and investor networks & groups, including Property Developer Network and Property Development Australia.

Backed with the experience and expertise of working in the construction industry since 2010, support from the property developer community, and the drive and passion that achieved a successful subdivision deal in 2021, we decided to engage in property development full time.  

Our mission is to tailor developments to ensure everyone gets a satisfying outcome. To achieve this we must listen and really understand the background and goals of each person involved. By focusing on this, we can assist others to truly benefit from the process and hopefully open them up to many more opportunities.

The types of developments we are currently focusing on are;

  • Small scale land subdivisions (between 2 to 10 lots)
  • Splitters (1 property with 2 titles)
  • Commercial property (Small scale retail)

Scott Fixter
Owner and Director of Sierra & Fox

Scott has been involved in various aspects of the construction industry since 2010, starting with estimating and project management as a Cadet Commercial Builder, to a top level Commercial Building Certifier specialising in Aged Care Facilities, Schools, Retail Fitouts, and Health Care Facilities.

This industry experience and his educational background with a Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) and Diploma of Building Design & Technology, provided Scott with the foundations to pursue property development. After obtaining further education specifically in property development with the Property Developer Network in 2019, he secured his first subdivision in late 2020. This deal and the journey leading up to it empowered him to take the next step, become a full-time property developer and establish Sierra & Fox where the journey continues!

"While property investment had been a thought for many years, an investment property never really kicked off as there were just too many contradicting expert opinions and confusion on whether the resources for quality information were accurate.

In search for a clearer path to success in property, a visit to the Brisbane Property Expo in 2018 gave us the opportunity to meet the team from Property Developer Network which led to ridding many of our limiting beliefs on property development. We realised you don't need millions of dollars and don't need to be an expert at everything to get started. We'll be forever grateful to them for opening our minds to the abundance of opportunity out there and their ongoing community support.

It has definitely been a great journey in property development so far and I've now been able to get back my time. I really look forward to the next chapter and being able to share the success with others on the way."

Scott Fixter (Owner and Director of Sierra & Fox)

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