Who we collaborate with

Property Owners

We work with owners who have a developable property to achieve an outcome tailored to their needs. We have the time, expertise and funding to cater for each outcome. Arrangements can include;

  • Direct transaction on or off-market with flexible contract conditions to suit circumstances.
  • Joint Venture using a base purchase price and profit share.
  • Joint Venture where owner retains an asset as well as profit share.
  • Option Agreement to maximise purchase price due to the reduction of transaction and holding costs.


We work with investors who are interested in profiting through property development or property investing but might not have the time, expertise or interest to manage a project themselves. 

Investors can get involved in our projects with one or more of the following;

  • Loan Serviceability.
  • Cash or Equity.
  • 100% funding of purchase & development costs.

Aspiring & Established Developers

Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned developer, we welcome opportunities to collaborate with you on projects and combine each of our knowledge, expertise, skills and perspectives.

These arrangements can be tailored to our objectives and circumstances but could include;

  • Joint Ventures
  • Secondary Project Feasibility
  • Site Assessments
  • Project Management Assistance

Types of Services

Development Management

This is what Sierra & Fox is all about. We have dedicated our time so that we can manage projects efficiently and effectively, tailoring our approach on each one. Our Development Management services include;

  • Site Acquisition
  • Project Management from design to completion
  • Securing funding for projects
  • Managing Sales and Marketing

Joint Ventures

Depending on the project, we can provide the time, expertise and/or funds necessary to run a development. Our Joint Venture options include;  

  • Collaborating with a property owner that has a developable property but either no time, expertise or funds to complete the development. 
  • Acquire a development site with an investor/money partner who can either shadow the process or remain a silent/passive investor.
  • Share management responsibilities with a developer who has secured a site and would like to increase quality and efficiency of the project. 

Joint ventures will be specific to the project but outcome benefits can include;

  • Purchase from property owner at a base price and they get a share in profit (generally 50%).
  • Some properties enable us to complete a development with the owner where the owner can retain an asset and share in the profit.
  • Purchase a property with an investor/money partner where they will get a share in profit based on the project and amount invested, or, in some cases can retain an asset and some profit.  

Investment Opportunities

We provide the following options to our select investors when investing in our projects.

  • Fixed annual return on investment (10-25%)
  • Fixed return on investment for project duration on projects of 4-9 months (10-25%)
  • Profit Share (varies with each development)
  • Short term return on investment (1-2% per month)

Information Memorandums are supplied to investors for expressions of interest. This allows us to provide a detailed summary of the project, showing expected timeframes, security, profits, return on investment percentages, comparative market analysis and the team of consultants to be used.

Our selection process involves a number of discussions or meetings with those interested to determine whether the project is suitable for everyone’s circumstances and character including risk appetite.

If you’d like to invest in future projects, you can subscribe to our list where you’ll receive deal notifications giving an opportunity to express your interest. 


Our consultancy services are included in our development management, however, we are able to provide some services independently for others that may want a second opinion, or another eye over research. These can include;
  • Project Feasibilities
  • Site Assessments
  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Project Management Assistance

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